Friday, February 24, 2017

ALL IN PIECES by Suzanne Young

All in PiecesI definitely had to pick up a copy of this one since Suzanne Young's THE PROGRAM series was such a hit with my high school students.

What happens when you stab a pencil into your ex-boyfriend's hand? If you are Savvy Sutton, you are now enrolled in Brooks Academy with other incorrigible students. That's where Savvy meets Cameron.

Of course, Cameron has issues, but he seems like a nice guy. Right now, Savvy needs nice. Her little brother has autism and her father is a drunk. It has been up to Savvy to raise her brother and try to make ends meet even when her dad can't hold a job.

When Aunt Kathy decides to demand full custody of little Evan, and Savvy best friend Travis ends up in rehab, she turns to Cameron. Hopefully, he isn't just a spoiled rich kid. Savvy needs a friend she can trust.

Very different from THE PROGRAM, in ALL IN PIECES Suzanne Young takes her readers into the  Savvy's dysfunctional world. It won't take long for teens to be rooting for this determined high school student as she struggles to keep things under control.