Saturday, October 3, 2009

HIS EYES by Renee Carter

Amy dreams of becoming a journalist, but fears it might be that - just a dream. Even though her parents want the best for her, the cost of college, at least the college she hopes to attend, is not something they can afford. Then a job with an amazing paycheck becomes available.

Amy is going to babysit. Her charge's name is Tristan, but there's a catch. Tristan is about to graduate from high school just like Amy. The reason he needs a sitter is because he is blind. A horse jumping accident combined with an inherited condition involving weakened retinas have left Tristan without his sight. His mother hires Amy with the hope that someone his age can convince him to take the steps necessary to resume a more normal life.

Once Amy begins hanging out with Tristan, she learns things are more complicated than just his loss of sight. He is also grieving the sudden death of his father and the guilt that their relationship was not at its best. Amy has her own family struggles. She tells Tristan about her mother's eccentric behavior of fixing family meals to include a son who left home 10 years ago.

Although the job pays extremely well, Amy begins to realize money isn't the only thing that keeps her coming back. As Tristan begins to make small gains in adjusting to his new life, a relationship develops that goes beyond employer/employee. Since their lifestyles are completely different, Amy hesitates to get too close, but soon it just might be beyond her control.

HIS EYES is the first novel for Renee Carter. Readers will sense the chemistry between Amy and Tristan immediately. Carter fills out her cast of characters with family members such as Tristan's funny younger brother and cute little sister and an annoyingly self-centered ex-girlfriend named Lexus. Although at times predictable, HIS EYES offers a fast-paced read for readers looking for a bit of romance.

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