Friday, October 14, 2011

DRINK, SLAY, LOVE by Sarah Beth Durst

All you vampire fans need to check out this one!  Sarah Beth Durst has added an unexpected twist that is sure to satisfy her readers and earn her some new fans.

Pearl is a typical sixteen year old in many ways.  She struggles with guy issues, nagging parents, and an annoying curfew. 

She is also a typical vampire struggling to find a convenient "meal" and still make it home before dawn.  At least she was a normal vampire until she was staked by a unicorn.

All Pearl remembers is having a pleasant visit with Brad behind the Dairy Hut.  First she is using her seductive powers to drain a bit of his tasty blood, and next she wakes up after dawn on her porch.  Her family hauls her inside and after giving thanks that she wasn't left in direct sunlight, they start with the questions and recriminations.  What was she thinking?  She put herself and all of them in terrible danger.

The big surprise comes when Pearl discovers the incident with the sparkly unicorn has given her special power.  She is able to tolerate sunlight, and she is now a vampire with a reflection.  To her it is time for some fun and games, but she soon learns her family has other plans.

The King of the vampires is scheduled to attend a special ceremony to be held in the family residence.  All the vampires of the region will be present, and feeding the visitors will be a challenge.  Pearl's parents realize that her new ability will come in handy.  They decide she is to begin attending the local high school where she can befriend humans with the hope that these humans will provide the necessary sustenance for the upcoming ceremony.

What follows is Pearl's entry into the world of public school and the human teen experience.  As the new girl, she attracts both positive and negative attention as she attempts to adjust to living both day and night.  It is an interesting yet exhausting proposition with many unique challenges.  Will she be successful in providing everything needed for the upcoming ceremony?  Will she make her family proud?  Can she figure out a way to make friends and enjoy her new world?

DRINK, SLAY, LOVE is a fun read with the potential for future adventures with Pearl and her friends.

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Ms. Yingling said...

I like this author, but... More vampires? Sigh.