Thursday, August 23, 2018

AFTER ELI by Rebecca Rupp

After Eli
Danny Anderson is looking for answers. His older brother Eli was killed in Iraq. His parents are not able to answer his questions. His mother has turned Eli's room into a shrine, and she has all but shut herself off in her room. His father was always a man of few words, and Eli's death is definitely something he doesn't want to talk about.

One way Danny has coped with losing Eli is by creating a Book of the Dead. In the book he lists people who have died, when they died, how they died, and if possible why. That's what he longs to learn about his brother - why Eli died.

Two people are there for Danny. One is Walter. Walter is the target for the bullies at school, but he and Danny connect. The other person there for Danny is a new girl Isabelle. Her crazy ideas and carefree attitude actually mask some deep issues, but she begins to help Danny see beyond the pain of his loss.

Author Rebecca Rupp deftly combines humorous dialogue and description with serious issues and conversations to create a story sure to touch the hearts of teen and adult readers alike.

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