Wednesday, September 12, 2018

HOOPER by Geoff Herbach

If you are looking for basketball action mixed with family, friendship, and life in general, then HOOPER by Geoff Herbach is for you.

Adam Reed describes basketball as his "passport." He knows if he focuses on his game, it could take him anywhere. Unfortunately, the rest of Adam's life threatens to interfere with that focus.

Born in Poland, Adam was adopted and brought to the United States. His mother, a single mom, has worked hard to help Adam adjust, but it hasn't always been easy. Learning to speak English and deal with schoolwork has been a challenge. Adam's temper caused problems in Pennsylvania so he is now trying to fit in to a new school and team in Minnesota.

Adam's natural basketball talent has earned him a spot on a travel team. Through basketball Adam meets Carli. Recovering from a recent knee injury, she coaches him from the sidelines and drills him to improve his skills. Adam would like to express his true feelings for Carli, but his confidence is shaken by taunts from bullies and the fear that he might lose control of his temper.

HOOPER shows how Adam learns to accept the support of family and friends as he learns to trust himself and navigate in his new surroundings.

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