Sunday, April 13, 2008


Life has changed dramatically for Dylan Fontaine. His artist mother recently left to pursue her art and possibly an artist lover. His doctor father spends most of his time at the hospital delivering babies and taking care of other families. Randy, Dylan's older brother, is too busy getting high and hanging with his band to give Dylan a second thought. Although, everyone does sit up and take notice when Dylan is arrested for shoplifting underwear and having marijuana in his pocket.

No one really takes Dylan's arrest very seriously. After all, Dylan gets good grades and is a talented basketball player, musician, and artist. How could this All-American, boy-next-door type be considered a serious criminal? Dylan soon finds himself back in his usual routine of cooking and cleaning for his father and brother. In addition to trying to hold the family together, Dylan is facing major issues in his love life. He really likes his best friend Angie, and since her break up with her boyfriend, Dylan is wondering what would happen if he made his move. After all she is making him the subject of the movie she is making for her film class. Then there is also Chloe, a new member in his brother's band. She is gorgeous and seems to like spending time with him. Might he have a chance with her, too?

Dylan Fontaine is a fascinating character. His life is in turmoil, and author April Lurie writes about it in a way that will have readers flipping pages to see how things turn out. The mix of down-to-earth, wholesome Dylan and his brother's fast, risk-taking lifestyle make THE LATENT POWERS OF DYLAN FONTAINE a book with something for everyone.

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Hope. said...

I just started this today. I can't wait to finish it, 'cause it's so good so far!