Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CHEATED by Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones has done it again. If you are not familiar with his work, CHEATED would be a terrific way to start. His straight-forward direct line into the minds of his characters is definitely at work in this new YA release. Readers will be yanked into the story on the first page and won't want to stop until they reach the end.

Mick Salisbury is fifteen. He and his two friends, Brody and Aaron, spend most of their time trying to forget their less-than-perfect dads. One is in prison, one is dead, and one has betrayed his family and devastated their lives. The three friends are usually found out late at night with a bottle of rum and a six pack of Coke. That is until one night in November, when lying to their parents and sneaking out become minor crimes compared to the dead homeless man lying at their feet. It was a mistake. They know it was just a terrible mistake, but will their friendship survive when they are faced with arrest and possible prison time for their crime.

Patrick Jones, author of NAILED, CHASING TAIL LIGHTS, and THINGS CHANGE, has created a heart-stopping new story about guilt and betrayal. He takes his readers into the mind of Mick where they will feel the struggle for acceptance and control in a desperate situation. A terrifying mix offeelings, from sympathy to horror, will hold the attention of even the most reluctant reader.

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Anonymous said...

The book is alright. The ending is full of much suspense and worth reading but the beginning is pretty boring and lacks excitement.