Saturday, April 25, 2009

KNUCKLEHEAD by Jon Scieszka

Last year Jon Scieszka was appointed the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. His goal was to "reach the reluctant reader." Since his first book THE TRUE STORY OF THE 3 LITTLE PIGS! he has created books that speak to not only reluctant readers, but to readers of all ages. KNUCKLEHEAD is no exception.

Subtitled "Tall Tales & Mostly True Stories About Growing Up Scieszka", this book tells what it was like growing up in Flint, Michigan, in a Catholic family with six boys. Scieszka's young fans will be able to relate to the zany stories of sibling adventure, and older readers, even adults, will find great humor in the colorful tales of Jon and his gang.

Complete with illustrations and family photos, KNUCKLEHEAD is an entertaining read. I'm planning to use it as an end-of-the-year read aloud for my 8th grade students. Hopefully, it won't give them too many "ideas" about how to keep busy over the summer.

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I liked this one, too! Funny--someone else writing about his life might be really boring, but not Scieska!