Monday, March 22, 2010

THE LAB by Jack Heath

Created as part of a program called Project Falcon, Six has always known that he is different.  When a suspicious fire destroyed the facility where Six was "born", he survived and was raised by the Deck.  Now he works for them as they try to right the wrongs of the leaders since the Takeover.

Six's official name is Agent Six of Hearts.  As an employee of the Deck, he is sent on missions to shut down enemy operations and recover hostages.  Using talents created through his unique DNA, he is able to do things the average human can't even imagine.  Those who give him the incredibly dangerous assignments are always amazed that he succeeds without the use of deadly force.

THE LAB is a typical spy-thriller, adventure novel.  There are the good guys and the bad guys, but they throw in some double-agents to add to the action.  Set in the future after a worldwide event that caused a "fog" which shortens lives and threatens the very survival of the planet, sci-fi fans will also find this an interesting read.  This is the beginning of a series featuring Six, and book two, REMOTE CONTROL, is available now.

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