Friday, September 10, 2010


The Sullivans are in for quite a shock.  Their normally joyous Christmas holiday is tarnished when the family matriarch, known to everyone as Almighty, announces she is dying and threatens to write the whole family out of her will unless the family member who committed some unimaginable sin confesses.  She wants their confessions in writing by New Year's Day.

The three Sullivan girls immediately assume they have committed whatever crime has offended their dear, controlling grandmother.  Each sister begins writing her confession.

Norrie, the eldest, is certain that she offended Almighty at her debutante ball.  Almighty had such specific plans and wishes for Norrie's special day, and Norrie knows her behavior was not at all up to her grandmother's rigid standards.

Middle sister, Jane, has never really conformed to Almighty's ideal of a perfect grand-daughter, so it is not a huge leap for her to imagine she is the guilty party.  It is also fairly easy to guess that her offense is the creation of a blog called  Oh, the things Jane has revealed about everyone in her prestigious Baltimore family.

Sassy, the youngest, was been riddled with guilt long before Almighty threatened to write them all out of inheriting her millions.  Sassy is convinced that she is guilty of murdering someone near and dear to her grandmother's heart.  Her confession will hopefully restore the family honor but will most likely result in her own imprisonment. 

Author Natalie Standiford takes readers on a wild ride as each sister recounts recent scandalous events in an effort to soothe their grandmother's ruffled feathers.  The novel is filled with pleas for forgiveness, some motivated by honest feelings and regret, and others not.  The results of everyone's soul searching turn out to reveal some surprising information about everyone in the family.  Fans of Standiford's HOW TO SAY GOODBYE IN ROBOT will want to check this one out.

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