Tuesday, May 8, 2012

IN STITCHES: A MEMOIR by Anthony Youn, M.D.

Before reading IN STITCHES, I had the pleasure of attending an author event featuring Michigan author Dr. Anthony Youn.  His entertaining presentation highlighting his desire to create a book telling the really story of medical school made reading this book a must.  It also came highly recommended by one of my eighth grade students who read it after snagging it from her mother's pile of library books.

Dr. Youn begins his story with tales of his childhood in a small town in Michigan.  His family was the only Asian-American family in town.  He described himself as tall and skinny with thick glasses and an unusual condition that resulted in the uncontrolled growth of his chin.  Anthony's status as an excellent student made his physician father proud.  The expectation was that he too would become a doctor.

The majority of IN STITCHES focuses on Youn's four years in medical school at Michigan State University.  Youn describes sleepless nights, a disgusting basement apartment, and round-the-clock studying.  The goal was to earn top grades that would lead to top-notch residency offers.  Youn shares stories of treating his first patient, working with human cadavers, and dealing with shocking injuries and difficult doctors.  All the while he and his fellow medical students attempt to keep their sanity, manage relationships, and muddle along with little money and incredible stress.

Dr. Youn decided on a specialty in plastic surgery and now maintains a well-known practice in Michigan.  He makes regular appearances on the Rachel Ray Show, CNN, and The Early Show.  Using humor and gutsy detail, Dr. Youn is successful in sharing the medical school experience with lucky readers.

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Anthony Youn, MD said...

Thank you for this very kind review of my book. It was a real pleasure to meet you and everyone at the Morenci Library talk!