Monday, September 10, 2012

UNWHOLLY by Neal Shusterman

The frightening world of UNWIND continues.  Neal Shusterman's UNWHOLLYis book #2 in the sci-fi thriller trilogy.  Picking up where UNWIND left off, readers follow the key characters and are introduced to new ones as well as breath-taking, non-stop action.

Connor, known for escaping the fate of unwinding, is now leading the AWOL's who live in an aircraft graveyard in the desert.  Still struggling with his own demons, Connor is trying to keep things together for hundreds of under seventeen year olds.  If each one can reach the age of seventeen, they can legally escape unwinding.  Connor is hoping to keep their location a secret, but more and more he is becoming convinced that the Juvie police are aware of their existence and are simply toying with them.

Lev, famous for being the clapper who survived, is working in Connor's organization.  He finds himself paired with Miracolina who is determined to follow through with her unwinding.  She was "rescued" but believes the destiny assigned to her at birth should be honored.  Lev and Miracolina find themselves partners even though they seem to be fighting for two different causes.

Risa has long been in love with Connor but refuses to show it lest it be seen as a sign of weakness.  Confined to a wheelchair since the explosion at the unwinding camp, she still refuses the surgery that could make her whole again because she refuses to take a spine from an unwound teen.  However, when she is captured while rushing with an injured AWOL to the hospital, she becomes part of a plot to improve public perception toward unwinding.

Orchestrated by a woman known as Roberta, the plan of the new organization was to create a complete human from unwound parts.  The experiment is a success, and the result is a unique individual named Cam.  Part of the group's plan is to choose a suitable partner for Cam, and Risa is their choice.  She is horrified by the idea of Cam and vows to figure out a way to escape.

UNWHOLLY is another masterpiece by author Neal Shusterman.  He has a unique talent for taking bizarre ideas and adding just the right touch of reality that make reading his work a chilling experience.  Readers will be thinking about UNWHOLLY long after they turn the last page, and they will be waiting breathlessly for book #3.

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