Sunday, November 18, 2012

COLIN FISCHER by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz

Colin has Asperger's syndrome.  He has trouble understanding proper social behavior and has difficulty interpreting emotions in others' facial expressions.  To help him navigate and properly interact with others, Colin had an adult shadow with him every day in elementary school and middle school, but now he is about to start high school, and he will be on his own.

Armed with his facial expression recognition charts and his ever-present red notebook, Colin begins his freshman year.  Although he may have trouble understanding human behavior, it fascinates him.  He writes down most of what he observes in his notebook and often follows the observations with a note to "investigate."  He prides himself on his detective work and his ability to unravel even the most difficult puzzles.

The school cafeteria becomes the center of Colin's most challenging investigation.  A gun goes off in the middle of a lunch time birthday celebration.  The students scatter in terror leaving Colin in the middle of the cafeteria staring at a frosting coated handgun. 

A troublemaker named Wayne is blamed for the act of violence, but Colin knows it wasn't him.  Trying to prove Wayne's innocence is not as easy as Colin thinks, and it could end up in a lot of trouble for him.  It also might end up earning Colin his very first real friend.

Writing partners Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz break from their TV writing roots to create this latest YA offering.  COLIN FISCHER offers a look at Asperger's and bullying that not only educate but also entertain.  Teens will be able to relate to a varied cast of characters as well as the mystery of just who brought the gun to school.

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