Tuesday, February 16, 2016

THE MEMORY OF LIGHT by Francisco X. Stork

The Memory of Light

Vicky Cruz wakes up at Lakeview Hospital.  That wasn't her plan.  Her failed suicide attempt has landed her in a treatment program with other mentally ill teens. 

According to Dr. Desai, she can leave at any time, and that is just what her father and stepmother expect her to do.  They believe Vicky needs to shake off her negative feelings and get back to school and her daily life.  Keeping busy is sure to fix whatever is wrong. 

After a session with Dr. Desai and meeting the other teens in group therapy, Vicky thinks Lakeview Hospital may be just what she needs.  The symptoms of depression have been obvious since her mother's death, but family members have missed her calls for help.  When her father chose to send her nanny and lifelong companion back to Mexico, Vicky realized her only support was gone.

Encouraged by fellow patients and Dr. Desai, Vicky stands up to her father and spends several weeks in the hospital in-patient program as well as some time at Dr. Desai's ranch.  This time away from family concentrating on her own mental health helps lessen the suicidal feelings that brought her to Lakeview.  There is no miracle cure, but Vicky learns some coping skills to deal with her depression and how to face her life again.

Author Francisco X. Stork wrote THE MEMORY OF LIGHT using his own personal struggle with depression as inspiration.  His portrayal of Vicky Cruz is realistic and poignant for readers suffering themselves or trying to help others suffering with depression.  There is truth, both sad and hopeful, in Vicky's story.  Life gets better for some and continues to be a dangerous challenge for others.  THE MEMORY OF LIGHT is an important piece of fiction for young adults and anyone who works with or cares about young adults.

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