Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Have Pen, Will Travel (Ellie McDoodle Diaries Series) (reissue)
THE ELLIE MCDOODLE DIARIES originally began in 2007. Having recently read HAVE PEN, WILL TRAVEL, I will now be suggesting the series for young girls looking for their own Wimpy Kid style reading experience. Author Ruth McNally Barshaw has created a dynamic female character that will inspire girls everywhere.

Due to the death of an elderly uncle of her father's, Ellie finds herself embarking on a camping adventure with her cousins. Everything about the impending week with her Aunt Mug, who spits when she talks, her Uncle Ewing, whose neck turns red when he's mad, and her three cousins promises to be the worst experience in her young life.

Arriving at the camping site, Ellie immediately discovers that this family doesn't do "camping" the way it was intended. Where are the tents and campfires and yummy, toasted marshmallows? Instead, she finds that everyone will be crammed together in a tiny cabin. How will she ever survive?

Ellie's passion for writing and drawing help her make some sense of this tragic week. She chronicles her adventures as she spies on her relatives and reluctantly participates in their crazy family antics. As she records events in her sketch diary, she begins to realize that some of the activities are kind of fun, and some of the people she is forced to be with have personalities she can sort of appreciate.

Readers of Ellie's vacation journal will find laugh-out-loud word play and unique visual representations of Ellie's week with a family she soon comes to know and love. Ruth McNally Barshaw will be part of an author panel at Siena Heights University's Celebration of Children's Literature on September 21, 2017.

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