Monday, June 11, 2018

DEEP WATER by Watt Key

Deep Water

Wow! I couldn't put this one down! Watt Key has outdone himself this time. I've been a fan since reading his first book ALABAMA MOON, and I didn't think it could get any better. DEEP WATER truly deserves the label "page turner."

Julie Sims has been scuba diving with her father for years. She may only be twelve, but she knows what she is doing in and around the water. Fortunately she's aboard on this particular charter dive because her father isn't feeling well. Julie has the task of escorting their two customers to the bottom to fish around a secret, artificial reef.

Confident that she can fill in for her father, Julie begins the descent with a father and son who have paid $2,000 to spear a few fish. As she nears the bottom, Julie notices that the anchor is not properly placed and fears the boat might break loose and drift without them. Her attempts to warn the clients fails and her worst fears come true.

Julie and the two other divers surface to find the boat has disappeared. What follows is a harrowing adventure involving the "bends", sea lice, dehydration, sharks, and more. Will Julie be able to keep her clients alive until help arrives? Will the lessons she's learned from her father be enough to guarantee a happy ending?

Readers of DEEP WATER will be holding their breath along with Julie. Just when it looks like she will have a bit of luck, mother nature rips it away. Perfect for summer reading or any time.

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