Wednesday, February 6, 2008

GET WELL SOON by Julie Halpern

Main character Anna Bloom is used to feeling alone, shy, and depressed. She spends most of her time avoiding school and people, and crying is her reaction to stressful situations. It has gone on long enough that her parents decide the next step is to commit Anna to the adolescent ward of a mental hospital.

That is where Anna begins writing about her 21 days locked away from the world. She writes about her experiences in letters to her only friend, Tracy. These unmailed letters chronicle Anna's passage through fear and feelings of abandonment to eventual feelings of acceptance and power. On the day Anna arrived at the hospital she never dreamed that she would find one-of-a-kind friends, a first love, and feelings that would allow her to take control of her life for the first time.

GET WELL SOON is the product of first time YA author Julie Halpern. This honest and often humorous story will have readers wanting more from this author.

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