Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Sixteen-year-old Morgan just broke up with her boyfriend. Breaking up with a boyfriend sometimes makes a person do crazy things. So she decided to cut off her hair leaving black stubble streaked with her natural strawberry blonde roots, what's the big deal? Can't a girl do something to get her mind off her problems?

Morgan is shocked when her parents' reaction to her hair cutting stunt and near depression caused by her failed romance is to pack her up and ship her off. Not off to a nearby relative or a summer camp, but off to Ireland on a cross-country bike trip. Ireland! A whole other country, clear across the ocean!

At first this unexpected trip has Morgan pitching a fit, but once she arrives in Ireland and accepts the fact, she begins to see the possibilities for adventure. Although her travel companions are an odd bunch, she immediately recognizes that the young, good-looking tour guide has quite a bit of potential. Things might not be so bad after all.

After a nasty spill off her bicycle, Morgan finds even more adventure. While unconscious, she is transported to a different time in Irish history where she becomes the legendary Morganne. Repeated bouts of this "time travel" involve a character named Fergus, a king, and other odd and mysterious creatures.

Maryrose Wood, author of SEX KITTENS AND HORN DAWGS FALL IN LOVE, has created a fun-filled tale complete with humor, romance, fantasy, and rebellious teenage adventure. Readers are sure to be captivated by Morgan's honest, refreshing spirit. An added bonus is the terrific cover artwork!

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