Sunday, June 15, 2008


First THE HUMMING OF NUMBERS - an unusual book set in the 10th century. Aidan is a novice monk living in a Celtic abbey. He possesses a unique talent - he associates everyone he meets with a number. Most of those he knows are threes or some lower number. The highest number he has ever known is a ten, that is until he meets Lana, the illegitimate daughter of a local lord. When he meets Lana, she hums the number eleven loud and clear. This humming is like an aura only Aidan detects. The numbers help him determine each person's character and whether or not they can be trusted.

Although it is totally against abbey rules, Aidan is attracted to Lana and not just because she is an eleven. She is also attractive and very mysterious. When he is given the task to give her guidance and teach her the rules of the abbey, he is sure it is a test of his devotion to his faith.
Soon the two find themselves joining forces to save the lives of those around them. Raiders have come to pillage and destroy the area villages, and it will take someone special to save those who are left behind.

THE HUMMING OF NUMBERS is not a particularly fast-paced book, but it does take readers into another time and place. It gives readers a peek into the world as it once was.

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