Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For anyone who has experienced the thrill of small town, dirt track racing, SATURDAY NIGHT DIRT is one you won’t want to miss. Even if you aren’t a race fan, you’ll enjoy the fast-paced, intense drama. There’s dust in the air, colorful characters racing their cars around the track, and enough mystery and intrigue to keep even non-racing fans on the edge of their seats.

Set at Headwaters Speedway in Minnesota, SATURDAY NIGHT DIRT features Mel Walters and her father, Johnny Walters, struggling to keep their little race track in business. Johnny, once a driver himself, is now confined to a wheelchair after a tragic accident years ago. Mel’s mother needed only a few short weeks to determine she couldn’t stay married to a man in a wheelchair, so Mel and her dad have been on their own for quite some time.

Still in high school, Mel acts as track manager, and she is probably the sole reason for the track’s continued success. The story begins and ends on one Saturday. Because of Mel’s drive and determination, it’s a Saturday that makes history for the track and just might breathe some new life into it.

Readers will meet young racers Trace, Amber, and Beau, hoping to make their mark on the racing circuit. Patrick handles parking for the fans and sings the national anthem before the night’s racing begins. Maurice is a retired navy man who handles the signal flags like a pro. There are also the down and out racers like Sonny from the local reservation who lack the funds to really be taken seriously by the other competitors. Even the ever present threat of bad weather becomes a player in the non-stop action at the track. Each plays a part in the Saturday night excitement and helps make the story a real page-turner.

SATURDAY NIGHT DIRT is billed on the cover as “A Motor Novel.” Hopefully, that means it is the first with many more races to come.

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