Saturday, January 30, 2010


Rue Silver is half faerie, half human.  Her mother died leaving Rue and her father Thaddeus alone.  Or did she really?  Rue believes her mother is still alive somewhere.

Using her faerie powers, Rue travels into the world controlled by her magical grandfather and discovers her mother is still alive.  Although she doesn't want to be tempted by this other world, Rue is entertained by her brief visit there.  She knows she must return to keep her friends safe from her grandfather's plot to take over the city.

Relationships between Rue's friends are strained making them vulnerable prey to the powers of the faeries.  Rue realizes her boyfriend Dale is definitely under their control, but her attempts to convince him to fight their power over him fail miserably.  Even with her ability to control plants, Aubrey, her grandfather, continues his plans to make the city his.

Holly Black, along with illustrator Ted Naifeh, is the creator of THE GOOD NEIGHBORS series.  KITH is the second book in the series.  Fans of Black's fantasy style will appreciate the mystical world inhabited by good and evil faeries.  The twists and turns of the story are enhanced as the graphic illustrations bring the characters to life.  KITH is sure to be a hit with graphic novel/manga fans everywhere.

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