Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Whenever I see this book sitting on the bookshelf or on a student's desk, I think, "Why haven't I read that book yet?"

Judging by its cover, COBWEBS by Karen Romano Young looks a terrific book.  After reading the following summary from Barnes & Noble, I want to get around to reading it even more.

"A girl walks across the Brooklyn Bridge, a backpack full of knitting slung over her shoulder, a green fish kite in her hand.  A boy balances on the bridge's crisscross webbing, waiting for the girl to pass.

Are they angels?  Spiders?  In love?  Or in danger?  Once they connect, they'll start a chain of events that could stretch out smoothly like the river below them -- or become knotted like a tangled web of spider silk."

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Lenore said...

It does look very intriguing.