Thursday, March 31, 2011

A WORLD AWAY by Pauline Francis

Much like the story of Pocahontas, A WORLD AWAY tells of an Indian girl captured by European explorers and taken from her world to theirs. 

Nadie has watched the white men burn her village and kill her mother.  Then they took her from her native land and delivered her to England.

Once in Plymouth, England, Nadie misses her home and wants to return to her father and the memories of her mother.  She is taken in by a man of the church and his sister who do their best to provide for her and make her feel comfortable, but the white world confuses her.  She doesn't understand their religion, their government, and the behavior of those who feel she represents evil and shouldn't be allowed to live freely among them.

Nadie does find comfort with Tom the blacksmith.  Her interest begins with her fascination for his work.  The flaming forge and the blacksmith's talent draw her into his shop.  When Tom extends the hand of friendship, Nadie finds she is attracted to him for other reasons as well.

Pauline Francis is adept with historical fiction, and fans of that genre will enjoy A WORLD AWAY.  It tells a timeless story that will remind readers of what they've learned in their history classes.

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