Monday, March 21, 2011

YELLOW FLAG by Robert Lipsyte

Stock car racing is a family business in YELLOW FLAG.  Kyle's grandfather was known as the Blue Shadow and more recently Sir Walter.  He brought his sons into racing and now his grandson Kris, Kyle's older brother, is the driver of Hildebrand number 12.

Kyle grew up around the track and raced in the midget class, but his interests have headed in another direction.  He inherited his mother's musical talent and has become an accomplished trumpet player.  As part of a high school brass quintet, he hopes to make music a career.  At least that's the direction he thought he was headed.

When Kris is injured and unable to drive in a race crucial to the family business snagging an impressive new sponsor, Kyle is drafted to replace him.  The deal is one race and then either Kris is able to return or they will find another driver.  The problem is once Kyle is behind the wheel again he remembers all that he loved about racing.

YELLOW FLAG is one of Robert Lipsyte's earlier YA novels and I'm excited that I ran across it.  Readers will find plenty of action on and off the race track.  Lipsyte combines the fast-paced energy of racing with the emotional ups and downs of family versus friends.  Even readers without an interest in racing will be able to enjoy this one.


Ms. Yingling said...

This was good, but my students aren't much into NASCAR or racing, so it's a hard sell.

Readingjunky said...

Mrs. Yingling,
We are just a stone's throw from MIS - Michigan International Speedway - so racing is big around here.


Anonymous said...

This book was terrible. it was boring.