Monday, June 20, 2011

BLINK & CAUTION by Tim Wynne-Jones

BLINK & CAUTION is the tale of two streets kids.  Brent (Blink) and Kitty (Caution) both have back stories that have them on the run.  When their paths cross, they work together to overcome the odds against them.

Blink was simply looking for a free breakfast when he took the elevator to the sixteenth floor of the hotel.  It looked like there would be easy pickings from the half-eaten remains left on trays set outside the rooms.  When he actually enters a room to investigate some odd behavior displayed by the exiting guests, he realizes he has witnessed a possible kidnapping.  Once inside the room, Blink discovers a wallet filled with cash and a cell phone that reveals the kidnapped may not be the victim he assumed.

Having some ready cash is a welcome surprise, but the more Blink learns about the situation the more nervous he becomes.  His nerves prompt him to check out the cell phone more carefully.  He actually contacts the "kidnap" victim's daughter in an attempt to reassure her that her father has not been harmed.  That contact is one Blink soon comes to regret.

Caution has been living on the street and more recently with a drug dealer named Merlin.  Attempting to run from a tragedy from her past, Caution is fully aware that she harbors a death wish, but at the same time she looks at death an easy escape from the much harsher punishment that her guilt insists she deserves.

Caution is on the run after a fight with Merlin that ended in her discovery of his drug money stash.  She can't believe they've been practically starving to death when he has had thousands of dollars hidden away.  Anger and fear motivate Caution to grab the money and run.

Fate works to bring Blink and Caution together in the train station.  After a bumpy first meeting, the two join forces to help each other.  Caution provides the street smarts lacking in the naive Blink, and he supplies the funds to sustain their cause.  As time passes the two begin to trust one another with secrets as well as friendship.

Award winning author Tim Wynne-Jones takes readers on an adventure with two young people living by their wits as they try to survive, and at the same time right a wrong.  It is a story with twists and turns and definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

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