Saturday, June 4, 2011

KNIFEPOINT by Alex Van Tol

It was supposed to be a chance to get a taste of country life before she had to settle down to something more serious.  Jill thought working in the mountains taking vacationers on horseback adventures would be a great summer job.  Unfortunately, things were not working out on a number of different levels.

Her co-workers seemed to have more fun partying every night which left Jill to take up the slack every morning.  If that wasn't bad enough, her boss James seemed to think it was his duty to make life even more miserable.  He was demanding, and at the same time incredibly creepy.  She was beginning to think this might be her last day on the job.

The day started out with a nearly impossible task - rounding up 60 horses and getting them saddled and ready for the scheduled trail rides.  The work was exhausting and made more difficult by the fact that Jill knew her co-workers were probably still tucked in their beds sleeping off the fun times of the previous night.  The only thing to brighten her day was the good looking guy she spotted hanging out around the corral.

After a morning trail ride, Jill expected to have a quick lunch and get a few minutes of rest, but the handsome tourist approached her and stated that he was her next scheduled appointment.  He announced that he was interested in a wilderness adventure ride.  The adventure rides were really for the experts, and Jill had never put herself in that category, however, James was right there to insist that she was the person for the job.

Once the ride began, Jill quickly assessed that her companion was not much of a horseman so she was able to slow things down and truly begin to enjoy the afternoon ride.  They headed up to an area surrounding a deserted mill that always impressed the visitors.

Jill isn't prepared for what happens next.  This ride may turn out to be the last one she ever takes.

Author Alex Van Tol takes readers on a terrifying adventure.  The relaxing mountain ride becomes a life threatening experience when the handsome tourist turns out to be a psychotic killer.  More than half of this short, fast-paced book is filled with deadly action.  Readers won't be able to turn the pages fast enough to find out how everything ends.

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