Monday, July 4, 2011


Carter Street has amnesia.  He was found wandering on the street before he was taken to Harmony House.  He's in the care of Dr. Paley who is trying to get to the bottom of why Carter doesn't remember who he is and why he doesn't seem to be able to even talk about it.

While Carter is being poked and prodded and questioned, another special group of students is meeting in the "gifted" class at Meadowbrook Middle School.  Their teacher is leading a discussion about the class's powers.  It seems one student is able to move things with his mind, another can read minds, and yet another can inhabit the bodies of others.  All the students in the class possess unique talents.  The purpose of the class is to help these young people learn to control their powers and become more comfortable with them.

Carter should be part of the "gifted" class, but the trauma of losing both his parents has caused his power to remain hidden.  Dr. Paley plans to use hypnosis to encourage Carter to speak about the tragedy he witnessed.  It is soon revealed that Carter's real name is Paul, and he has the power to shapeshift.  To escape the same fate as his parents, he became a gerbil and was able to hide from his parents' killers.  Now he must come to terms with their deaths and his own special power.

It is also revealed that Dr. Paley may have the ability to release the students from the burden of their powers.  Several of the young people are thrilled to hear that they could be free of the potentially dangerous talents, but they aren't considering the reasons why Dr. Paley might want them to be relieved of their gifts.  He promises the procedure is simple and painless, but is it really?  Is he just trying to help them or is he working for someone out to do them harm?

SPEAK NO EVIL is book #6 in the Gifted series by Marilyn Kaye.  It is an entertaining series for teens looking for a paranormal adventure combining regular kids and super powers.  With each book the situation at Meadowbrook Middle School gets more complicated and dangerous.

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