Tuesday, July 19, 2011


After over two months and over 2900 miles, Remember Whipple and her family arrive in the New World with the rest of the passengers and crew aboard the famed Mayflower.  The Whipple family is part of a religious group known as the Saints that left Holland to find religious freedom in this far away place.

The Mayflower first came ashore off Cape Cod.  Women and children were left on the ship while the men explored.  It was determined that the area was not their true destination, and they set sail for a neighboring region.  The Pilgrims finally settled in a place Remember refers to as Plimoth.

At the start of the voyage, Remember's mother gives her a handmade diary and encourages her young daughter to record the events of the journey.  What follows is a fascinating account of the treacherous trip across the Atlantic.  The sea voyage was extremely uncomfortable and deadly.  Many passengers didn't live to set foot in the New World.  Remember was one of the lucky few whose entire family survived the journey.

Once in the New World the settlers were faced with even greater challenges.  They arrived at the start of winter so sickness continued to decrease their numbers, and the shortage of food presented further problems.  Although, Remember writes of being excited to see and meet the Indians, the men of the group prepared to deal with a possible unfriendly welcome from the natives.

Author Kathryn Lasky paints an incredible picture of these brave pioneers.  She describes the investors who gambled that the pilgrims would make the voyage, create a settlement, and then produce products that would be returned by ship to repay their investment.  Lasky turns this well-known story into a suspenseful adventure told by a courageous, young girl.  A JOURNEY TO THE NEW WORLD is part of the Dear American series.

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