Monday, August 22, 2011

HAPPYFACE by Stephen Emond

HAPPYFACE is perfect for the readers who love the idea of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID books, but are ready to step-up the content a bit.  Stephen Emond understands the teen that doesn't fit the normal mold but still wants to fit in somewhere.

Happyface is the victim of his parents' trial separation.  Things were tough enough at his old school, and now he's starting from scratch in a new school.  Surprised when a girl named Gretchen reacts in a positive way when he meets her, he is determined to shine in hopes of developing a relationship beyond friendship.

Readers follow his experiences as he "fights" Trevor for Gretchen's affection.  At the same time he attempts to get along with his emotional mother and stay connected to his now absent father.  Emond's artwork and genre variety help made Happyface's story come to life.

I know students who will be attracted by the simple, bright cover, and I don't think they'll be disappointed once they meet Happyface.

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