Saturday, August 6, 2011


After an amazing summer traveling around Europe, Ginny returned home to finish high school.  Now she's working on the dreaded college essay and wondering if it is truly worth the trouble.  She is taken totally by surprise when a letter written by her Aunt Peg once again takes center stage in her life.

When Aunt Peg discovered she had incurable cancer, she wrote a series of letters that became a sort of scavenger hunt/vacation for Ginny.  Following the instructions in the letters, Ginny went from one European location to another learning more about herself through the words of her aunt.  The catch was that the final letter disappeared when Ginny's bag was stolen.  Now a stranger has contacted Ginny with news of the lost letter.

Once again Ginny heads to London hoping to retrieve the letter and read her aunt's final words.  The mysterious stranger has other ideas.  His name is Oliver, and he intends to use knowledge gained from the last letter to turn a profit.  The information contained in the letter instructs Ginny to travel to three places - France, Belgium, and Ireland.  At each stop she will find a portion of her aunt's last piece of artwork.  When all the pieces are assembled, she is to auction the art and receive whatever money it earns.  Oliver intends to force Ginny to share the money. 

What follows is a whirlwind journey taking Ginny, Oliver, and two others from one interesting place to another.  Inclement weather, a rattle-trap car, and some less than cooperative people combine to make the trip a somewhat difficult adventure.

Author Maureen Johnson shows her true talent as she brings Ginny to life once again.  Quirky characters and sassy dialogue make this a great summer read, however, be sure to read 13 LITTLE BLUE ENVELOPES first so you appreciate the depth of Ginny's adventure.

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