Monday, September 5, 2011

BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver

High school senior Samantha "Sam" Kingston is a lucky girl.  She's popular, has a supportive family and a hot boyfriend, and she knows where's she's headed after graduation.  But as the result of one day in February, her life may be over. 

Sam's alarm clock jolts her awake on February 12, followed by a wake-up call from her annoying younger sister.  The only thing worth getting up for is that today is one of her favorite days at school - Cupid's Day.  It's the day anyone who is popular lives for.  Sam knows she will be the recipient of a respectable number of roses today.  Each rose will have a note attached with a message from her friends, her boyfriend, or simply someone who admires her amazing life.

All goes as planned.  Roses are delivered, class work is completed, and Sam has some extra fun when she and a friend skip English class and head to TCBY for a snack.  Everyone is talking about a party at Kent's house, and even though she finds Kent weird and annoying, she knows she will go at least until she hooks up with Rob for a "special" night he's been looking forward to for a long time.

Things start to go wrong when Sam leaves the party with her girl friends.  They've all been drinking and an ice storm has hit the area.  Slippery conditions, speed, alcohol, and the sudden appearance of a white shape in the road combine to cause the crash.  Sam is about to learn whether or not her life will flash before her eyes as she dies.

What Sam doesn't expect is that she is once again awakened by her alarm and the prodding of her little sister.  It appears that she will be given a chance to relive the last day of her life.  There might be a few things she wants to change, especially when she discovers she will get the chance to relive the day seven times!

In her debut novel author Lauren Oliver takes readers on an incredible journey.  Oliver takes a close look at the life a privileged young girl who, when given the chance to make amends, makes some interesting life choices.  Sam Kingston's experiences will remind readers of the constant impact we have on the lives of others.  Perhaps we all have experiences we could improve on if we had the chance for a do-over. 

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