Monday, September 26, 2011


STORM RUNNERS by Roland Smith ends with Chase and his new friends trying to stay alive during one of the worst hurricanes in U.S. history.  Book #2 - THE SURGE picks up just as Chase, Nicole, and Rashawn arrive back at the Rossi farm.  The Rossi's house has been destroyed, an escaped leopard has been seen running by with a little monkey dangling from its jaws, and Nicole's grandmother Momma Rossi is standing by ready to help a pregnant elephant deliver her calf.

While Chase and Nicole try to battle the storm to get gas for the generator, Rashawn gets to know Momma Rossi.  Having lights in the big barn will be necessary when the elephant is ready to give birth.  Rashawn just hopes that Chase and Nicole survive the attempt to locate the gas cans and return safely to the barn.

At the same time Chase's dad is working with several news crew members to find a way to get from town out to the farm.  Their vehicle flips over in the storm, but they are able to right it and keep it running until they arrive at the local hurricane shelter.  After convincing news anchor Richard Krupp that they have every intention of getting to the farm no matter what, he agrees to let them take the station's news van as long as he gets to go along.  With camera in hand, they set off toward the farm hoping to arrive before the storm causes anymore damage and before any of the captive wild animals escape and attack.

Author Roland Smith keeps readers on the edge of their seats as he relates the non-stop action facing his characters and threatening their very survival.  Between Books #1 and #2 barely twenty-four hours passes leaving the area devastated and people fighting for their lives.  Watch for STORM RUNNERS: ERUPTION, the conclusion of the series, coming in March.

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