Saturday, October 1, 2011

BUTTERFLY by Jodi Bullock

With ballet no longer a part of her life, Brooke is lost, and having just moved into a new house doesn't help.  Her mother thinks she should get involved with something and not just sit around the house so why not find out more about the crazy, old lady who lives next door.

Brooke had heard the rumors and knew the nickname Crazy Carter before they even moved into the house next door to the old lady.  The girl across the street pointed out that the woman wore the exact same outfit every day -- purple shirt and black pants.  Brooke agreed that that was weird, but something about the woman still drew her.

The first time Crazy Carter struck up a conversation, Brooke found herself fascinated.  She learned about her apricot tree and that the woman had a dog named Rick.  The friendship started with chats in the garden and then one day Brooke was invited in for tea.  She was also invited to call the old woman Miss Cee Cee.

Brooke shared her disappointment in not being able to dance anymore.  A foot injury made it impossible to wear her toe shoes and truly be a ballerina.  Miss Cee Cee sympathized but also predicted that Brooke would live to dance again.  Even though she said she doubted that, Brooke wondered if she dared to dream of the possibility.

While others questioned the friendship between Brooke and Miss Cee Cee, it became evident the two shared a special bond, and one day Miss Cee Cee revealed their special connection.  Brooke was to become an apprentice to study and learn about Miss Cee Cee's unique ability.  She was a seer and Brooke was destined to be one as well.

Author Jodi Bullock takes readers into a strange, new world.  Brooke and her attractive new classmate, Blaze, are learning about their future as seers.  It is predicted that they will live three lifetimes and help countless individuals recognize their true potential through their dreams, but there is great risk involved if the Bad Ones have their way.  BUTTERFLY is a paranormal adventure filled with intrigue, romance, and frightening dreams. 


jodi said...

Thank you so much for reading Butterfly! :) If any of your students are interested in bookmarks, or if there is anything I can do for your class (I am a teacher too), please let me know.

Readingjunky said...

Bookmarks would be terrific! I'll email you with info on where to send them.