Monday, October 24, 2011

THE TEST by Peggy Kern

THE TEST by Peggy Kern is part of the Bluford Series published by Townsend Press.  After a quick booktalk about the book today, there are already 4 of my students interested in reading it NOW!

A group of girls at Bluford High have been assembled by the principal Ms. Spencer.  She has a surprise speaker all set to address the group.  After some heckling from the audience, Liselle Mason begins telling her story.

Liselle, now 20 years old, explains how she became pregnant while attending Bluford High.  At the tender age of 16, she made a decision that changed her life forever.  For four months Liselle denied what she knew was the truth.  When the pregnancy test registered as positive, she knew she needed to face her mother and the father of her child.

Even though Liselle knew what she needed to do, none of it was easy.  She tells her audience about her continued denial followed by an angry scene with her mother.  Frustrated, she ran away from home to seek help from her own absentee father and even appealed to a young cousin who was raising her own child. 

What Liselle learned was that she had to come to terms with her situation and decide if she would keep the baby or give it up for adoption.  In the end she realizes her mother is the only one she can rely on for the knowledge and support she will need no matter what decision she makes.

THE TEST is a straightforward depiction of teen motherhood and all its ups and downs.  Liselle's story rings true and doesn't glorify girls who follow this difficult path into adulthood.  The girls in the audience come to the realization that the decisions they make in this area will, indeed, change their lives and the lives of all those involved.

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