Sunday, October 23, 2011

THE GUN by Paul Langan

Tyray is proud to be one of the toughest guys at Bluford High.  He has spent years tormenting kids for lunch money to earn his reputation as the school bully.  However, the tables are turned when one of Tyray's victims strikes back.  That day in the cafeteria changes life for Tyray.

As he cradles his broken wrist, Tyray immediately begins thinking of ways to get even.  The desire for revenge strengthens as he faces the principal and learns of his three day suspension.  He knows his father will have plenty to say about it when he gets home. 

When Tyray returns to school, everyone is treating him as a loser.  The constant taunting pushes him to make a decision that he knows is risky, but he doesn't believe he has a choice if he wants to return to a position of power.

Tyray's struggle to get even turns him into a liar and a thief.  He knows his older brother would be disappointed and fears his parents will never forgive him.  Perhaps revenge isn't worth it.  Maybe his actions mean he doesn't even deserve to live.

THE GUN by Paul Langan is the first Townsend Press book I've had the pleasure to read.  It is one of a series featuring students in an inner city high school, Bluford High, and it promises to be a great series for middle grade reluctant readers.  I look forward to reading more and sharing them with my students.

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