Monday, October 24, 2011


Meeting the beautiful Korie Archer was just the thing Roylin Bailey needed.  Tired of the noisy confusion of his crowded apartment and memories of his abusive father, Roylin was thrilled when the new girl showed an interest in him.  Korie was the kind of girl he had only dreamed of having by his side.

In an early conversation with Korie, Roylin learns that she has a wish for her approaching birthday - a gorgeous, gold necklace she saw at the mall.  Korie mentions that there is no way anyone in her family would ever consider buying it for her since their idea of a birthday gift would be pajamas or a bathrobe.  Roylin immediately begins planning how to make her birthday wish come true.

Sure that giving Korie the necklace will make her his girlfriend forever, Roylin thinks of everything to come up with the $300 he needs to purchase the piece of jewelry.  When all his ideas fall short of the goal, he thinks of old Mr. Miller in the neighboring apartment.  Ever since Roylin was a little boy, he and Mr. Miller have had a close relationship.  Although he hasn't visited much recently, Roylin is sure that the old man will help him out.

On the day Roylin stops by to ask Mr. Miller for a loan, he finds the elderly man sound asleep in his chair.  When he notices Mr. Miller's bulging wallet close by, Roylin helps himself to the needed money promising himself that he will pay it back as soon as possible.

All goes well as he purchases the necklace and anticipates how excited Korie will be when she gets it.  The excitement quickly vanishes when Tuttle, the apartment handyman, reveals that he saw Roylin steal the money from Mr. Miller.  And worse yet, Tuttle tells Roylin that the old man is dead.

SECRETS IN THE SHADOWS by Anne Schraff follows Roylin as he struggles to justify the importance of his relationship with Korie and the news that he may have caused the old man's death.  He has gotten himself into a real mess and getting himself out of it may prove to more than Roylin can handle.  This book is another in the Bluford High series by Townsend Press.

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