Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FLAT BROKE by Gary Paulsen

Kevin has a habit of getting himself into trouble.  Gary Paulsen tells Kevin's first story in LIAR, LIAR.  After living a life filled with lies he thinks will never catch up with him, Kevin learns a painful lesson.  Part of his punishment is to apologize to all those who suffered as a result of his lies.  The other part of the punishment is the loss of his allowance.  That lack of money leads to Paulsen's second story about FLAT BROKE.

Kevin uses his creativity to create a series of business ventures he hopes will make him wealthy.  His first scheme involves poker.  In the past Kevin would have used his allowance to finance his own interest in poker.  Instead, he decides to act as organizer by setting up games including convenient locations, cards, chips, and snacks for the guys on the hockey team as well as a group of guys from the college.  His cut for organizing the games earns him the start of his future fortune.

Next Kevin acts as business manager for his sister.  He has noticed that she spends countless hours in their shared bathroom doing the hair and make-up of all her friends.  With the help of some carefully selected supplies, he convinces her to start charging her clients, and of course, he gets a cut.

Kevin doesn't stop there.  He gets involved in the tutoring business, garage cleaning and trash removal, and selling midnight munchies to the local college kids.  Sure that he is on his way to financial fame, he isn't expecting the sudden crash of his business empire.  Will he lose everything and find himself apologizing once again?

Gary Paulsen continues to add to his ever growing list of published works.  FLAT BROKE is an excellent sequel to LIAR, LIAR and will be sure to gain Paulsen many new fans.  His signature humor and fun references to his young business mogul in LAWN BOY and LAWN BOY RETURNS make this latest book a winner.


Anonymous said...

what is the lesson of the story? what is the painful lesson Kevin learns?

Anonymous said...

The lesson Kevin learns is that he should ALWAYS be honest and dont lie!