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BREAKING BEAUTIFUL by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

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Release date: April 24, 2012

Allie is attempting to put her life back together after the tragic death of her boyfriend.  She has very little memory of the accident that threw her from the truck just before it went over an ocean side cliff killing Trip Phillips.  Although Trip's parents seem concerned about her and the trauma she suffered, they are insisting on a full-scale investigation into the death of their son.  Even though Allie is unable to recall details of the accident, she knows she must protect another secret that could devastate Trip's parents and perhaps ruin their reputation.

As Allie works her way back into normal life attending school and interacting with her family, she battles memory flashes and dreams that threaten to destroy her fragile self-esteem.  Her twin brother tries to offer support despite the fact that cerebral palsy keeps him bound to a wheelchair.  Allie, however, doesn't feel a great deal of support from her parents.  Her mother is wrapped up in her job, and her father, newly retired from the military, has never really had a close relationship with her.

The one person Allie can count on is her childhood friend Blake.  Blake has had problems of his own in the past and many believe he will not be a positive influence in Allie's life.  At one point she is given some advice that she will need to trust someone someday, but is Blake the one?

BREAKING BEAUTIFUL is the first book from author Jennifer Shaw Wolf.  She takes her time building great depth in her characters and fills Allie's story with many twists and turns.  Relationships form the main focus in this striking novel as readers learn the main layers involved in the creation and destruction of some of the most complex relationships.

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