Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SEND by Patty Blount

SEND by Patty Blount presents a hot topic in YA and teen lit -- bullying.  Blount brings a slightly different perspective to the topic and presents it with characters that will definitely speak to teen audiences.

Dan has experienced bullying first hand.  He has experienced it from both sides.  He is guilty of being a bully and has also been a victim himself.

Readers are brought into the story knowing that Dan has committed a terrible act.  He has served his time and will forever regret his actions.  Though the details are not revealed until much later in the story, it is clear that Dan has learned from the experience and has vowed to make a difference for here on out.

It's Dan's first day at a new school, and he'd like to fly under the radar.  Unfortunately, he witnesses an act of bullying in the parking lot that ends with him in the nurse's office seeking first aid for a nasty cut on his chin.  He also is disappointed to be starting the year with an enemy. 

Because of his mysterious background, Dan and his family have relocated yet again to avoid angry mobs who found out Dan's true identity.  He wants to do the right thing and protect his family, but he is determined to be a different person and make up for his earlier mistakes.

Event after event conspire to make life difficult for Dan.  He fears getting too close to others in case he and his family are forced to move again, but at the same time, Dan is beginning to realize he must find a way to rebuild his trust and seek the help of others.  Can he keep his secret or will the truth finally be recognized for what it truly is?

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