Monday, October 15, 2012


Harrison's life has not offered him many advantages.  He has been in and out of foster homes and is currently living with a cruel farmer and his wife.  Forced to do back-breaking farm chores and treated like a slave, Harrison finally cracks.  The farmer is killed in an accident, and Harrison fears he will be held responsible.

Much to his surprise, Harrison finally lands a break.  A kind social worker finds him the home he has always dreamed of.  He is living with a middle school football coach and his wife.  The couple, unable to have children of their own, take an immediate liking to Harrison and make him feel welcome and even loved for the first time in his life.

Having a football coach as a foster parent is also like a dream come true.  Harrison has long been a fan of football and promised himself that one day he would play.  The reality is he now on the team, and he is terrific.  Coach is thrilled to have him as a player.  His size, strength, and speed are the perfect combination for the position of running back.  With his natural talent, the team has a chance to win the championship this year. 

Unfortunately, Harrison's bad luck returns.  Not all the members of the team view his arrival with as much excitement as Coach.  Could a few unhappy players keep him from living up to his potential?  Or will something else more devastating sideline Harrison for keeps?

Author Tim Green's newest release, UNSTOPPABLE, will have sports fans rushing to the library or bookstore.  Written in his signature style with action both on and off the field, short chapters, and relatable characters, UNSTOPPABLE should be a hit with young teen readers.

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