Saturday, January 23, 2016


Terror at Bottle Creek
Cort spends most of his time helping his dad take strangers hunting for alligators or wild pigs in the swamps of Alabama.  Although it might be considered adventurous by many, Cort isn't sure it's the life for him.  After all, his mother took off because she wasn't fond of the living on a houseboat and hoping there would be enough money for the bare necessities.

According to the weather forecasters, Hurricane Igor is bearing down on Alabama.  When everyone should be taking cover, Cort's dad decides he should take off to go check on his ex-wife.  He tells Cort to stay at the Stovall's house and watch out for Liza and Francie.  As long as they stay inside, Cort's dad says they will be fine.  He promises to return soon.

Little Francie insists on going to check on Cort's dog Catfish.  The decision to let her do so ends up putting all three kids in danger.  When Francie's wrist becomes tangled in the dog's leash, she is pulled out onto the houseboat.  Cort and Liza try to get control of the storm tossed craft, but end up in the water. 

Cort tells the girls they must get to higher ground which means heading to the Indian mounds where he and his dad take clients to hunt alligators.  Cort successfully navigates the wild, hurricane tossed waters only to discover that all the animals in the surrounding swamp are headed for the same high ground.  What follows is a hair-raising adventure with the potential for ending in tragedy.

Author Watt Key uses his own personal experience in hurricanes to create this realistically intense tale.  Key's previous books, ALABAMA MOON, DIRT ROAD HOME, and FOURMILE, are also great reads for teens looking for adventure.

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