Monday, January 11, 2016


Thicker Than Water
CeCe has goals.  She plans to attend college.  She plans to major in chemistry.  Those plans are completely derailed the day she admits she murdered her brother.

Years ago CeCe's mother died of cancer.  Since then her family has found a way to carry on.  Her father continued his obsession with his failing seed farm and also finds Jane, a replacement for his dead wife.  CeCe's brother Cyrus dedicates his life to soccer until a knee injury sidelines his future plans.  CeCe is accepted to her first choice college and hopes to get enough scholarship money to attend.

On the surface everything looks fine, but CeCe knows her brother is in trouble.  She has watched him become addicted to the pain meds prescribed for his injured knee.  He is spiraling out of control, but her attempts to get their father's attention fail. 

When CeCe is approached by greasy haired Jason in the school library, she believes she has found a way to save her brother.  Jason asks her to sell him some of Cyrus's Oxys.  She figures if she can sell him a few from time to time, she will keep them out of her brother's hands and make a little college money in the process.  Her plan works for awhile, but she has misjudged the power of addiction and the intoxication of having money for her dream.

THICKER THAN WATER is written in a before and after style.  CeCe relates the months before her brother's overdose alternating with the months she spends in the Piedmont Juvenile Detention Facility awaiting her court appearance.  Author Kelly Fiore writes CeCe's story from firsthand experience as she recalls her own brother's drug problem.  Fiore captures the overwhelming emotions as a family deals with the destructive power of addiction and the many victims left in its wake.

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