Sunday, April 17, 2016

BOOKED by Kwame Alexander

Nick Hall's life revolves around soccer.  He and his best friend might not play on the same team, but they practice together, play online soccer together, and vow to beat one another when they come face-to-face in matches. 

Home life for Nick has its ups and downs.  His mother, a former horse trainer, knows the meaning of competition.  When she isn't fixing mouth-watering breakfasts and lobster mac-n-cheese, she is grabbing him in affectionate headlocks and beating him at ping pong.

Nick's dad, on the other hand, suffers from verbomania, defined as a crazed obsession for words.  The man is famous for a dictionary of weird words which he insists Nick must read and study from cover to cover.  Doesn't Nick want to impress people with his vocabulary?  How could he only be interested in soccer? 

At school Nick spends his time avoiding the reading assignments given by his English teacher, crushing on the amazing April, and running from twin bullies named Dean and Don.  As soon as school ends, it's soccer practice and then home to argue about reading his dad's freaking dictionary.

Life gets very complicated when Nick's parents announce they are going to separate.  His mother will be returning to work with horses in Kentucky, and he'll be staying in the city with his father.  To make matters worse, appendicitis takes Nick out of a long awaited soccer tournament in Dallas.  What else can possibly go wrong? 

Author of THE CROSSOVER, Kwame Alexander is back with a new book.  BOOKED, also written in verse, is the perfect book to place in the hands of readers of all kinds.  Soccer players will love it.  Readers drawn to problem novels will devour it.  Reluctant readers won't be able to put it down.  Alexander's characters and situations ring true as they entertain, and at the same time, explain the ins and outs of dealing with parents, teachers, and first love.  BOOKED is a sure winner!

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