Saturday, April 16, 2016

SHADE ME by Jennifer Brown

Shade Me
SHADE ME is by author Jennifer Brown, also known for HATE LIST, TORN AWAY, BITTER END, and more.  Her fans will enjoy this new book with its mystery, edgy subject matter, and usual Jennifer Brown flair.

Nikki Kill has a condition called synesthesia.  Everything Nikki sees is connected to color.  Emotions, sounds, smells, even numbers and letters have their own unique color.  This means that Nikki is bombarded by color and sensation that are often dizzying and overwhelming.

When Nikki gets a mysterious phone call from the emergency room asking her to come and identify a beating victim, her world begins to spin out of control.  The viciously beaten girl in the hospital bed is none other than Peyton Hollis, daughter of Hollywood mogul Bill Hollis.  Why is a rich girl bloody and bruised, lying unconscious in the ER?  Even more important, why isn't her family there to identify her?

Nikki goes to school with Peyton, but she definitely doesn't run with the same crowd.  Nikki is barely able to keep her grades at a level that will guarantee her graduation.  Since her mother was murdered, she has found it even harder to concentrate and think beyond the constantly swirling colors that invade her mind every waking moment.  Her father does his best to understand, but he is still grieving and trying to keep up with his own career.

Some strange attraction pulls Nikki into the mystery surrounding Peyton's attack.  The girl's family seems only mildly concerned so Nikki begins to investigate.  It isn't long before Nikki finds herself in the middle of a dangerous world involving an escort service, Peyton's attractive older brother, and their crazy half-sister Luna.  Nikki's own parentage comes into question as she digs to find out who wants Peyton dead.

SHADE ME is the first of a series of suspense novels featuring Nikki Kill.  Perfect for teens looking for a real thrill ride.

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