Tuesday, September 27, 2016

GHOST by Jason Reynolds

Castle "Ghost" Cranshaw has grown up feeling the need to be tough. He will never forget the day his father threatened to shoot him and his mother. Hiding in the storeroom at the back of Mr. Charles's store will stay with Ghost forever.

In trouble and kicked out of school more than he's in, Ghost doesn't like the thought of worrying his mother, but he just can't help himself. That's just how things are until the day he crashes track practice and shows off his natural ability to run by beating one of the team's best sprinters. Coach takes him aside and suggests he should tryout.

Running gives Ghost a purpose, but it doesn't guarantee he'll start following the straight and narrow. In an effort to fit in with the rest of his teammates, Ghost finds himself lying to Coach, the other newbies on the team, and even his mom. It takes a run-in with Coach and the threat of losing his spot on the team to turn things around for Ghost.

GHOST is the first book in a new series by author Jason Reynolds. Reynolds is well-known for WHEN I WAS THE GREATEST, THE BOY IN THE BLACK SUIT, and ALL AMERICAN BOYS. The new Track series will feature Ghost and his fellow runners who all might have a shot at the Junior Olympics.

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