Saturday, November 5, 2016

SAVING RED by Sonya Sones

Saving Red
Molly's life isn't perfect. Since the problems with her brother, her parents have basically stopped being parents. Her father is a workaholic and her mother's addiction to pot smoking is getting out of hand. If it wasn't for Pixel, Molly's helper dog, Molly wouldn't have any support.

When Molly meets a homeless girl named Red in the park one night, she vows to find the girl's parents and return her home for the holidays. Red accepts Molly's friendship but is reluctant to accept the material goods and money Molly offers.

It is obvious that Red suffers from mental illness, something that Molly understands all too well. As Molly spends time with Red, her own situation becomes more clear. Could meeting this troubled homeless girl actually help Molly understand her own guilty feelings about her brother and her parents' issues?

SAVING RED is the latest novel by author Sonya Sones. Written in her unique style of verse, Sones takes readers into the lives of two very different teens. Their stories illustrate the toll mental illness takes on families and individuals and how important it is to reach out and support others.

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