Tuesday, October 18, 2016

MY KIND OF CRAZY by Robin Reul

My Kind of Crazy
Hank Kirby wants to go to the prom with Amanda Carlisle, but she barely knows he exists. When he comes up with an incredibly unique promposal, he nearly burns down Amanda's house. The idea to spell out "prom" in sparklers certainly didn't go the way he planned, and instead of impressing the girl of his dreams, Hank ends up sprinting across lawns to escape the lights and sirens.

During his frantic dash to avoid prosecution, Hank runs into Peyton Breedlove. Her tendency toward pyromania has her totally impressed with Hank stunt. Also not a fan of the popular people like Amanda, Peyton praises Hank for his efforts, and they fall into an unusual friendship.

When Hank's buddy Nick expresses interest in Peyton, Hank is ready to step aside still hoping to pair up with Amanda. However, as Hank's home-life becomes more complicated, he finds himself relating to Peyton whose own personal life is a mess. Maybe there is more of a connection than Hank imagined. He might be the only person who truly understands Peyton and has the power to protect her.

Author Robin Reul has created in Hank a hero readers will begin to root for on the very first page. Hank and Peyton are true underdogs it is a pleasure to support. MY KIND OF CRAZY has plenty of action, humor, and drama to be a sure winner with teen readers.

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