Monday, October 10, 2016

THE OTHER BOY by M.G. Hennessey

The Other Boy
Life hasn't been easy for Shane. If asked, he would tell you that he was born with the wrong body. His official gender at birth was female, but it didn't take long for Shane to recognize that he had the mind and heart of a boy.

Shane lives with his mother who supports his transgender status completely. His father isn't accepting it quite as gracefully. Having reached the age of puberty, Shane has the choice to begin getting hormone injections that would help his body begin developing as a male. His father isn't in favor of the injections, but Shane is determined to convince him that it is necessary for him to live the life he was meant to live.

In addition to issues with his father, Shane must also deal with his friends, his baseball teammates, and the other kids at school when the player from a competitive team posts a picture of Shane in elementary school. The picture shows Shane with long, flowing hair and the clothes of a girl. How will everyone handle Shane's secret? Will they accept him for who he really is?

Author M.G. Hennessey presents a well-written and realistic picture of being a twelve year old transgender youth. Shane has understanding and supportive people in his life, but as expected, he must deal with others who either don't understand or need time to adjust to the idea of his life choices. Readers will see the struggles involved as well as the inspirational determination of Shane and his family and friends.

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