Sunday, February 10, 2019


Jack Montgomery: World War II: Gallantry at Anzio

Author Michael P. Spradlin has released a new series titled MEDAL OF HONOR. The first book in the series is JACK MONTGOMERY: WORLD WAR II-GALLANTRY AT ANZIO. Thank you to the author and publisher for a copy and the chance to review it.

First Lieutenant Jack Montgomery was born in Oklahoma in 1917. He joined the National Guard and become part of a unit comprised of most Native American soldiers. After attending college and earning a Bachelor's degree in physical education, he went back to his National Guard unit. He was discharged after the required year of service in 1941.

With the attack on Pearl Harbor and the involvement of the United States in the European war, Montgomery ended up serving his country on the front lines in Sicily and Italy. His platoon saw action as the Allied troops worked their way up the Italian peninsula.

It was in the attack on Anzio that Montgomery earned his Medal of Honor. He single-handedly took out three machine gun nests, killing German soldiers while taking others captive. The remaining 20 or so soldiers in his platoon had him to thank for their lives. Montgomery was severely injured but went on to recover and accept his medal from President Franklin Roosevelt in January 1945.

The MEDAL OF HONOR series will feature some of the 3,500 soldiers who have received the honor since its creation during the Civil War. Author Michael P. Spradlin tells the story of Jack Montgomery's experiences and heroism on the battlefield and also sprinkles in photographs and colorful details of World War II throughout the text. History buffs are sure to enjoy this new series. It is perfect for middle grade and even high school readers and could be used to supplement history lessons about the time periods. Stay tuned for a review of Book #2 about Ryan Pitts, a soldier in Afghanistan.

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