Tuesday, February 12, 2019

NEW KID by Jerry Craft

New Kid

NEW KID by Jerry Craft is a graphic novel that deftly conveys the feelings of being the new kid in a world quite different than your own.

More than anything, Jordan Banks wants to go to art school. Unfortunately, his parents, especially his mother, have different ideas about what's best for Jordan. He is about to start seventh grade at Riverdale Academy Day School. Completely different from his urban, city school, it promises a great educational opportunity, but a lack of diversity means Jordon will be one of only a few brown kids.

The moment his "guide's" father picks him up in a fancy car, Jordan knows he's out of his element. A kid named Liam has been assigned to take Jordan around on the first day and be there for him should he have any questions. Liam quickly abandons Jordan. Using a map to find his classrooms proves nearly impossible, and no one seems to be interested in getting his name right.

Author Jerry Craft takes readers along as Jordan meets his new classmates and figures out both the written and unwritten rules of the unfamiliar society of Riverdale Academy. Each day when he gets home, his mother is excited to hear about his day, his dad seems oddly uninterested, and his neighborhood friends aren't as welcoming as usual. Will he ever make new friends? Will he survive the year? Will Riverdale ever seem like the best place to be?

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